Montreal, day 3

We checked the weather when we got up this morning, and it looked like it wasn’t supposed to rain. It turns out that Canadian weather people aren’t any more accurate than American ones.

After breakfast, we did a little more window shopping in one of the underground shopping plazas. This kept us out of the rain, and was a fun way to make our way down toward the food fair we had seen setting up yesterday called, “Les Cultures Gourmandes” – it was set up in a square with food and drink tastings, activities, and entertainment. We really liked an ice wine and a maple cream liqueur, both made in Quebec. We both ended up buying a bottle of each, which means we will have to check our luggage. (Which Delta charges $23/bag, even for the first bag!)

When we went back to the hotel to drop off our purchases, we also had to cool off and change into lighter clothes. It’s not too hot this weekend, but it’s extremely humid.

By the time we struck back out, the weather had finally cleared and we finally got to see some of that good weather that was promised. We decided it was perfect weather to go antiquing. The Rue Notre-Dame is the main antique store neighborhood in town. We had a nice walk there, but we didn’t end up finding anything be liked and would have been able to easily transport home.

We found a nice little cafe for a late lunch, and enjoyed a little people watching in a less touristy part of town.

Our concert tickets for tonight were for 6:00, so we found a little bar to enjoy some local beer before the show.

Tonight was the last night of the Chamber Music Festival. The last concert was a 4 hour “marathon” of Russian chamber music. We opted to go see the first half, including two pieces for string octet by Shostakovich, a string quintet piece by Alexandre Glazounov, and a piano trio by Anton Arensky. The last one was a particular treat since it featured Rachel Barton Pine on violin. The whole show was fantastic. We both really enjoyed it.

We have checked in for our flight, packed our suitcases, and are planning a laid back half day tomorrow before we go home.

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